The “Bretheren”

The brethren are speculating based on perceptions of their feelings. I admit/recognize that mankind can be inspired by god, however the line of communication is fuzzy at best. Anyone who pretends otherwise is trying to pull something over on the listener. Divine ideas shaped by perception and perspective. The church can’t have it both ways, its either literal and its all true or its metaphorical and their whole house of cards falls down. The church will never admit to mistakes because it erodes confidence in their leadership i.e. if they admit fallibility it contradicts the obey the brethren mantra that has been preached for so many years.



Religion is a fable, a narrative that helps people exist in a shitty cruel world where life is tough. However there may be some truth in that it is a glimpse of a different world that is better that gives us hope. It is awfully presumptuous for mankind to claim to know the mind and will of god (if he/she/it exists). The challenge is to try to live spiritually in this world.


I just totally disagree with the fundamental premise of the church regarding sin. They truly sell a disease and the cure. It seems they do this because the want to get people hooked. It’s the only thing they can do to keep us engaged in the church. Because the way they present their product is just subpar. They only care about themselves, never the individual needs of the members. They treat their metrics as the end all of yardsticks for individuals fulfillment and happiness. It just doesn’t work for me.

The more the members have to feel guilty about, the more they need the church. Build them up, knock them down, build them up, knock them down. Carrot and stick. Pretty soon, they are dependant on you. Kinda like a pimp. It’s about submission and control. People don’t even recognize that it’s being done to them.

Celestial F-ups

The church is f’d up because we live in a telestial world and telestial laws apply. Including applicability to the church organization and governance.

Unfortunately people’s opinions of celestial law are just as f’d up.